Canada Beef

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Who is
Canada Beef?

Canada Beef is a global organization that markets and creates demand for Canadian beef. Their work within the agriculture industry benefits farming families, distributors, restaurant chains, retailers, and beef consumers. Canada Beef is responsible for developing business, marketing, and branding the entire beef and veal industry in Canada.


The goal of the Canadian Beef Wholesale Gateway was to showcase the quality and diversity of Canadian Beef to resonate with domestic and international retailers, fostering global interest and engagement.

The primary audience for these videos were stakeholders in the beef industry, which included farmers, processors, retailers, chefs, and consumers. By providing educational resources through video, Canadian Beef was aiming to:

  • Enhance Industry Knowledge
  • Improve Practices
  • Foster Higher Standards Across the Supply Chain

The variety of Canadian Beef videos were structured to appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences, from succulent cuts like tenderloin and ribeye to lean ground beef and exquisitely marbled steaks, both domestically and internationally.

This involved showcasing different cuts of beef, various ways of preparation, and the versatility of beef in different cuisines. By doing so, the campaign illustrated how Canadian Beef could meet the diverse culinary needs and cultural preferences of different markets.


Services Rendered

  • Pre-Production Consulting
  • Audio Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphic Design